We undertake thorough assessments of transportation management systems to provide you with more effective strategies that help improve your lead time and save costs. We’re more than willing to discuss terms and procedures related to this service if you require.

To assist you in moving your cargo by sea to and from any part of the world, we provide a range of services to choose from:

Full Container Load (FCL),
Loose Container Load (LCL),
Bulk Cargo Services

As part of our assistance, we provide rates, schedules, and transit times for sea cargos from various shipping lines.

If you want to fly your cargo, ATR can manage air-shipping as well. ATR will arrange the suitable schedule with the best rate from different airlines, import or export.

ATR do special client consolidations from port of origin thereby eliminating excessive clearance charges for the benefit of our clients. By closely monitoring and communicating with our client’s suppliers abroad, we can plan date of cargo pick-up and or delivery from multiple suppliers’ warehouse to the designated consolidation area.

We provide up-to-date quotations for ___(CIF), ___(FOB), ___(FCA), Ex-Works and other shipment terms both for import and export transactions according to the client’s requirements.

We keep track and update cargo movements and status by coordinating closely with a large network of international agents and reliable carrier partners.

We serve as a preferred conduit of communication between consignees and shippers.

We work efficiently with client in-house and designated brokers.

We handle personal effects and other non-traditional and project cargos on a case-to-case basis.

We guarantee fast stripping schedules and regulate warehouse changes for consolidation cargos.

We serve as a break-bulk agent both for sea and air freight shipments for ultimate consignees and fellow freight forwarders.

We have good relationship with several carriers and we can get space anytime enabling our company to serve clients for the transportation of their containerized cargo.

We are a one-stop shop for:


– We pick up cargos at your doorstep and deliver directly to your overseas buyers.


– We pick up cargos from overseas shippers and deliver at your doorstep.

We outline the routing of your cargo based on the information you provide, and request from point of origin to point of destination, to enable you to pick the best mode of transport that can guarantee the fastest lead times. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of costs to help you in your decision making.


Our team guide importers in evaluating importation if regulated or freely importable and advice which permits are required from which Government agency.

Based on the information we receive, our brokerage clearance team immediately classifies and retrieves tariff rates and computes duties, taxes and other charges ensuring the lowest possible cost for clients.

We provide sound advice and recommendations on import regulations.

We secure and process government permits on behalf of importers.

Our company is equipped with facilities to do online payment to most carriers and forwarders and to both ports, ICTSI and ATI. We have PEZA E PAY, ETRACC and TABS. We have account with E-Konek, CDEC and Intercommerce. This is for us to be able to facilitate import processing faster.

To ensure convenience for our clients, we have a designated pool of messengers who pick up and collect clearance documents within Metro Manila.

We guarantee the delivery of Warehousing Entries within 1 to 2 days, and 1 to 3 days for Consumption Entries.

We continuously monitor the status of the cargo and regularly report to consignees until the cargo has been safely delivered.

We ensure timely and accurate billing services.


Upon the receipt of shipper specifications and instructions, we coordinate with appropriate government and private entities to facilitate immediate documentation and cargo processing.

We immediately prepare Export Declarations and other requirements for export documentation requirements, i.e. Certificate of Origin Certificate of Inspection and Loading, Embassy Certification, etc.

We monitor cargo movement continuously and under-guarding up to port of departure for loading

We ensure the fast issuance of export documentation copies and billing to shippers

Tax Credit


Tentative Release Shipments

We provide hauling services for your different cargo needs—dry, liquid, perishable, chemicals, general and dangerous cargos, and many others from the port to your warehouse.

We arrange cargo insurance coverage with a trusted and reliable company or broker.

We coordinate insurance coverage of your cargo with your preferred insurance company or broker.

We maintain good working relationships with warehouse operators in Metro Manila which enables us to provide our clients with very affordable rates