Mission Commitment

Our Mission

To offset a “Door to Door Delivery” on all kinds of commercial cargoes with fast, efficient, honest and cost conscious services. A mission to convince our agent to see a door delivery services that will provide a hassle free and smooth cargo and document movement from point of origin to destination.

Our Profession

ATR and RARR pledge their commitment to professionalism on its chosen craft, innovation to be at par with the changing time and continuously upgrade its systems to offer excellent and incomparable services.

Our Clients

ATR and RARR are committed to provide their clients with fast, efficient and cost conscious service by designing and individual scheme to adapt to each client’s individual needs.

Our Human Assets

ATR and RARR believe that our employees are the major assets of the company in providing “service” to clients, hence our commitments to continually develop and upgrade their skills and knowledge by providing timely seminars and well-deserved benefits for their own good and that of the company.

Our Agents

With every forwarding company is a good and reliable international agent, hence, we pledge our support to our worldwide counterparts by providing them with honest and reliable services and by maintaining and “agent to agent” relationship built on trust, respect reflection and extension that is the reason why we expect nothing but the best from them if not perfection – the same way we conduct ourselves in service to them.